Starry Night in Venice Beach

Graffiti and Street Art of Venice Beach

One of my favorite places to visit in the world is Venice Beach and Venice, California. I love this place so much because of the continuously changing graffiti and street art. Venice Beach has its own personality when it comes to graffiti and street murals.

art in Venice Beach Starry Night in Venice Beach Venice Calif Lincoln Blvd

The Venice Beach boardwalk is like no other place I have ever been to in the world. I have spent at least 20 years of my life going up and down the streets of Venice Beach, photographing this creative community with all its oddities and zany shops. The one thing that always comes through in this city is ART.

The most famous eatery on Venice Beach is The Sidewalk Café.  I first ate here 20 years ago and I really do believe time stands still here.  The bar is always dark and full of loud rock and roll or sports.  The waitresses and hostesses are always changing but the food remains large portions and very tasty.  Breakfast is a big treat here on the weekend.

Venice Beach sidewalk cafe

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