The Beauty of Japan’s Kadomatsu

kadomatsuI was fortunate to spend this past New Year’s Eve in Japan and got to see many beautiful versions of Kadomatsu.

These pine, bamboo and rope-like decorations appear in front of private homes and businesses towards the end of December to welcome in the New Year.

Kadomatsu decorations are placed in pairs in front of homes to welcome ancestral spirits and bring good luck.

According to the Japan Culture & Travel Web Magazine “Tadaima Japan,” Kadomatsu is the landmark for the Shinto deity Toshigami-sama, to enter your home.

In Japan, it is believed that Toshigami-sama comes to each family to bring happiness on New Year’s Day. However, the deity only visits when he is invited. The Kadomatsu decorations take on the role of a sign at an entrance to welcome the deity.

Gloria Rand
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